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Year-long management development programme sparks passion for helping people grow and prepares senior manager for further career success.

Control Room Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of control systems and sensors for the global nuclear and aerospace industries. It employs 540 people in the UK and USA.

“I’m now properly equipped for a bigger leadership role. That just wouldn’t have been the case a year ago.” So says Nick Kyprianou, who recently celebrated completing Bath’s Productivity through People programme.

Productivity through People is a year-long development programme for the next generation of business leaders in the UK. Created by the University’s School of Management and its Executive Education team along with Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, EDF Energy and others, it helps aspiring leaders drive productivity by transforming working practices in their organisations.

Apprehensive at first

“It’s a long time since I achieved my engineering qualifications, and at first I was a bit apprehensive about doing a year of training designed and often delivered by academics,” recalls Nick, a senior manager at Ultra Electronics Energy. “But I soon realised the content was all grounded in research into best practice and in the world’s top companies, and I could apply it right away.”

Nick appreciated the mix of academic, practical and experiential learning. He recalls: “Master-classes gave us access to experts in strategy, process improvement, innovation, employee engagement and change management.”

“We also got to visit leading organisations. They were very open with us about their most successful practices as well as their challenges.”

Learning from peers

For Nick, working alongside peers from a range of sectors and job roles was a major plus. “We got to know one another really well. Phil Anderson, who led much of the programme, made things fun and encouraged all of us to share our experiences openly. I learned a lot from the exercises and action learning sets we worked on together.”

Productivity through People has helped Nick identify how he can drive performance in his organisation. “I now know what great leadership looks like and I’ve got in-depth understanding of world-class management approaches.”

Sparking a passion

“The programme sparked a passion for helping people grow their capabilities and hit their goals.”

In particular, Nick feels he’s much more adept at engaging frontline employees. “I now make it a priority to listen and respond to what’s important to them, their needs and concerns,” he says. “I’m making changes to create an environment where people feel free to speak up. That’s already helping improve morale, job satisfaction and the contribution people are making.”

‘Productivity through People has changed me. I’ve developed hugely as a leader and what I’ve learned has become an integral part of what I do every day.’
Nick Kyprianou Head of programmes and operations at Ultra Electronics Energy, recently completed Bath’s Productivity through People programme

Learn more about the Productivity through People Programme, an innovative programme designed by the School of Management and Be the Business, part of the Productivity Leadership Group:

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