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Strengthening our partnerships and collaborations

We have worked with the city of Bath and the Women Global Chair Scheme to create and maintain new relationships. Part of the Annual Report and Accounts 2019/20.

Deepening our formal partnerships with pre-eminent international universities, industry and policy makers strengthen our international networks and extends our influence. Increasing mobility and inter-cultural support for our people helps to raise their international profile and expand research networks.

The Women Global Chair Scheme

We marked our commitment to international collaboration and the celebration of women academics with The Women Global Chair Scheme 2019/20, which turned the spotlight on women in academia through the funding of international visiting professorships.

Two world-leading academics joined us as 2019/20 Women Global Chairs - Professor Soraya Seedat, an expert on global mental health from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, and Professor Jacqui True, a renowned scholar on gender-based violence from Monash University in Australia.

A special call in the Bath Global Chair Scheme, the Women Global Chair award commemorated the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which extended the right to vote to women in Great Britain and Ireland. Designed to provide role models to students interested in academic careers and encourage early career women in academia, the special call built on established University-wide initiatives such as Celebrating Women in STEM.

Professor Seedat is a prominent expert on post-traumatic stress and anxiety disorders, and has more than 20 years of clinical, epidemiological and basic neuroscience research experience as a psychiatrist. Professor True focuses on understanding the political economy of violence against women globally, among other things.

World Heritage City of Bath

We value our location in the World Heritage City of Bath, and our place in the community is important to us. Working with local organisations, we are developing a Civic University Agreement to ensure we are good neighbours and citizens.

Partnering with key organisations in Bath enables us to play our part in helping the city and its community to thrive. The COVID19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of collaboration, and so we are joining forces with businesses, council leaders and education providers to support the economic, social and cultural recovery of the City and wider region.

Our Vice-Chancellor is a member of several of the task forces driving this forward. Our role as a key partner in Bath and North East Somerset's (BANES) new Economic Renewal Partnership is one example. The partnership brings together representatives from technology, culture, manufacturing, services, tourism and the Bath Business Improvement District with the aim of rebuilding confidence in our area as a safe, sustainable and green place in which to visit, study and work.

In addition to our recent collaboration with the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Trust to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff (see page 15), our longstanding research relationship with the Trust is now set to develop into a more strategic partnership. Together, we will be working to improve the health of people in Bath and beyond.

Our research expertise is also contributing to four pressing areas on the agenda for BANES, as part of a new, partnership working initiative called Our Shared Future. It will address the aspects of major global challenges brought by Bath’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage City: climate change; infrastructure; digital democracy, and travel and transport.