A list of social media’s most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business

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The #thinklist: a list of social media’s most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business

Our goal is to rethink the role and responsibilities of business in creating a sustainable society. As part of this mission, we have launched the #thinklist: a list of social media’s most influential faculty thinkers on issues of responsible business.

We hope that the #thinklist will spark off conversation and inspiration around the role of social media in responsible business research. Aside from its practical utility in helping you to find out who to follow, the #thinklist also celebrates the activities of those who are truly shaping our field. These are the movers and shakers in the academic world who are breaking out of the ivory towers and leading key debates in social media.

The #thinklist top 20

These are the current top 20 key thinkers (compiled July 2019):

Rank Name Twitter Institution Kred Influence Kred Outreach
1 Ioannis Ioannou @iioannoulbs London Business School 893 9
2 Christopher Wright @ChristopherWr11 University of Sydney 834 9
=3 Josep M Lozano @JosepMLozano Ramon Llul University 876 8
=3 Thomas Roulet @thomroulet University of Cambridge 787 9
=3 Peter Strachan @ProfStrachan Robert Gordon University 876 8
6 Jem Bendell @jembendell University of Cumbria 788 8
7 Joe Arvai @DecisionLab University of Michigan 776 9
8 Cathy Clark @cathyhc Duke University 785 8
=9 Marc Ventresca @marcventresca University of Oxford 774 9
=9 Lucas Meijs @LucasMeijs Erasmus University 783 8
=11 Chris MacDonald @ethicsblogger Ryerson University 776 8
=11 Wayne Visser @WayneVisser University of Antwerp 776 8
13 Joel Gehman @joelgehman University of Alberta 775 7
=14 David Grayson @DavidGrayson_ Cranfield University 771 7
=14 Andre Sobczak @andresobczak Audencia Business School 771 7
=16 Andrew Hoffman @HoffmanAndy University of Michigan 762 7
=16 Tanusree Jain @TanusreeJain Trinity College Dublin 762 7
=18 Jonathan Haidt @JonHaidt New York University 910 6
=18 Paul Argenti @paulargenti Tuck School of Business 761 7
20 Lars Jacob Pedersen @LJTPedersen NHH Norwegian School of Economics 750 7

#thinklist methodology

The #thinklist is updated and managed by the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society. To compile the #thinklist we have developed a list of academics who are primarily employed in an academic position in a Business or Management School, researching in the broad area of responsible business and are regularly tweeting about the topic.

With Klout closing soon after we launched the #thinklist in April 2018, we now use rise.global: a platform that tracks, calculates and displays relative scores for individual social media ‘power’ users into a dedicated scorecard. The ‘power score’ we are using draws on a unique combination of two key factors drawn from Kred. First is ‘Influence’, defined as the ability to inspire action. This involves the assessment of how frequently users are Retweeted, Replied, Mentioned and Followed on Twitter. Second is ‘Outreach’, defined as generosity in engaging with others and helping them to spread their message. This is measured by individual user’s Retweets, Replies and Mentions of others.

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The full #thinklist is hosted on rise:global

‘I consider Twitter to be an amazing tool for engagement. I love getting feedback about my research, and of course, I really enjoy learning what other people think’
Ioannis Ioannou, London Business School

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Think we are missing anyone? Drop us a line. We are especially keen to identify more scholars active in languages other than English that we might have missed. Each quarter we intend to improve the list and make it even more definitive.