Variety, responsibility and fun: my professional placement at a growing, modern company

Business Administration student Henry Penniall on his placement at food box delivery company HelloFresh, and how he developed as a person and a professional.

Henry Penniall in front of a HelloFresh board
Henry's placement has inspired him to start his own business in the future

On my placement, I was a member of HelloFresh's Marketing Team for seven months. It was a great experience.

Being part of a young and expanding company meant I had a varied role with lots of responsibility. I worked on customer relationship management and affiliate marketing. This meant I was analysing, optimising and implementing marketing campaigns and ideas.

My placement was useful for developing my practical skills, while my, analytical ability and personal creativity improved. I also learnt how to use many marketing tools in a real context, while my communication and teamwork abilities were also boosted.

Building a network and making memories

I recommend doing a placement as it is a truly valuable experience. As well as improving my career prospects, I have some great and unique memories. My professional network has grown and hopefully this will help me get a foot in the door for when I graduate.

As my first ‘office job’, my placement was beneficial in giving me the experience of working for a real company. Lectures and theory can only prepare you so much and there’s no substitute for putting what you learn into practice.

A real job, making a real difference

The best thing about my placement was being a part of HelloFresh - a young, rapidly growing and exciting company. I saw the tangible difference my work was having every day, which is rare and special. This has helped inspire me to start my own business one day.

The fun, ‘start-up’ culture made the placement very enjoyable. Some great memories I have include playing mini golf in the office, the company's ‘frat party’ and cooking in their Facebook live video.

Discovering HelloFresh and getting a placement

The School of Management’s Placements Team were brilliant. Their help with my CV, cover letter and interview was key to me securing my placement.

Another great thing was the Placements Team getting companies to come in and present to us. Without this, I may not have applied to HelloFresh, which shows the importance of that session.

‘The more effort you put in, the more you will get in return’

One piece of advice I would give to anyone going on placement would be to show a positive, eager-to-learn attitude and be willing to get ‘stuck in’. This will impress your co-workers and help you to have a memorable placement.

The more effort you put in, the more you will get in return.

‘Lectures and theory can only prepare you so much and there’s no substitute for putting what you learn into practice.’
Henry Penniall BSc Business Administration with seven month placement at HelloFresh (2017)