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In 1997/98 most of the components (Units) within Programmes of study were offered in a modular framework for the first time. In addition, the academic year was divided into two semesters, in order to provide an appropriate period over which to offer each unit.

The academic year 2001/02 will therefore be the fifth year in which most undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the University of Bath will be organised in modular, semester-based units. Those of you who read this as the introduction to an undergraduate Programme/Unit Catalogue describing your programme of study should note what is said below. You will find more detail in the Explanatory notes

The modular system is not one which will permit you to choose units in a haphazard way from across the University, but one in which greater transparency will help you to see how your programme fits together and the choices you can make. The description of each unit will help you to know its objectives more clearly, and the assessment within each unit should help you to see what you have achieved. Describing the structure of a programme, and detailing the units which are or may be relevant, will help Directors of Studies to identify units in other parts of the University which may be of benefit to you individually, or to subsequent students through the development of new programmes.

The availability of individual units to you in particular, or in general, will depend on all the normal constraints such as staff availability, timetabling restrictions, and minimum and maximum group sizes. Your programme of study, and your progress through it, will also constrain your choices. In all these areas, you will, therefore, be guided by your Director of Studies. The construction of a coherent programme of study, both by design in the first place, and by your own choices where these can be made, is something to which the University attaches much importance.

We are providing the information in this Catalogue in this way for the fifth time. If you find this helpful, or have suggestions for improvements, we would be glad to hear from you. Please send any comments you may wish to make to:


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