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Programme (CRS) codes

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The code for your programme, as seen in the Programme & Unit Catalogues, is the Programme (CRS) code. The CRS bit distinguishes it from other related codes in our student administration system, SAMIS. The programme (CRS) codes assigned to programmes which are starting or continuing in the 2004/05 academic year are made up of 10 alphanumeric characters (e.g. USCH-AFB01) in the following manner:

Character position




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Study Level code: indicates, for example, the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate taught provision R Postgraduate research
T Postgraduate taught
U Undergraduate
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Faculty code: indicates the Faculty or School within which the Programme is offered; can cover more than one Faculty D Division of Access & Continuing Studies
E Faculty of Engineering & Design
F School for Health
H Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
M School of Management
S Faculty of Science
X Cross-faculty (split over more than one faculty)
3 & 4
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Department code (2 characters): identifies the Department owning a Programme AR Architecture & Civil Engineering, Department of
BB Biology & Biochemistry, Department of
CE Chemical Engineering, Department of
CH Chemistry, Department of
CM Computer Science, Department of
EC Economics & International Development, Department of
ED Education, Department of
EE Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Department of
EU European Studies & Modern Languages, Department of
FH Health, School for
MA Mathematical Sciences, Department of
ME Mechanical Engineering, Department of
MN Management, School of
PA Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Department of
PH Physics, Department of
PS Psychology, Department of
SP Social & Policy Sciences, Department of
XX Cross-department
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Hyphen: used to separate the Programme (CRS) code into two parts -  
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Site code: indicates where the Programme is offered A Bath main campus
B Swindon campus
C Chippenham
D City of Bath College
E Lackham
F New College Swindon
G Salisbury
H Swindon College
J Trowbridge
Z Other institutions for programmes wholly or mainly overseas
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Mode of Study code: indicates the way the Programme is studied D Distance learning
F Full-time
K Thick sandwich
N Thin sandwich
P Part-time
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Qualification Aim code: indicates the general type of qualification that the Programme offers B Bachelor, e.g., BA, BSc, BEng
C Certificate (undergraduate or postgraduate)
D Doctorate, e.g., PhD, EdD, MD, DBA, MPhil with progression to PhD
F Foundation Degree
L Diploma (undergraduate or postgraduate)
M Master (first degree, or postgraduate), e.g., MA, MSc, MBA, MPhil only, MEng, MBiochem, MMath
N No qualification aimed for
S Higher Doctorate, e.g., DSc, DLitt
T Credit (undergraduate or postgraduate), e.g., for continuing professional development and visiting/exchange students
9 & 10
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Numeric identifier (2 characters): used to identify particular Programmes within a group that otherwise has common characteristics; each individual programme would be associated with its own particular name  

This element should be assumed to have no intrinsic significance. Within the group of programmes which have the following common characteristics, for example:

Undergraduate; Faculty of Science; Department of Mathematical Sciences; Bath main campus; Full-time; Bachelor-aiming (USMA-AFB ...)

the number at the end only serves to separate different individual programmes.

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