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Department of Chemical Engineering, Unit Catalogue 2006/07

XX20164 Mathematics 3

Credits: 6
Level: Intermediate
Semester: 2
Assessment: EX70CW30
Before taking this unit you must take MA10192 and take MA10193
Aims: To introduce mathematical modelling techniques. To introduce numerical techniques for the solution of models of systems arising in chemical engineering.
Learning Outcomes:
After successfully completing this unit students should be able to:
* develop and solve realistic mathematical models of unit operations using a numerical package such as MATLAB and a commercial flowsheeting package such as ASPEN;
* describe and formulate the numerical methods employed in solving the equations of models and choose the most suitable method for a given application;
* analyse the results from modelling activities.
Analysis and problem solving (taught/facilitated and assessed).
Mathematical modelling techniques:
* introduction to formulation of models; mass, energy and momentum balances;
* application to reactor and distillation modelling Numerical Methods: - introduction to initial value problems; - numerical linear algebra; - stability; - boundary value problems;
* introduction to Mathematical Modelling of chemical engineering processes.


University | Catalogues for 2006/07