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Department of Computer Science, Unit Catalogue 2006/07

CM10138 Systems II: programming & C

Credits: 6
Level: Certificate
Semester: 2
Assessment: CW 25%, EX 75%
Before taking this unit you must (take CM10134 or take CM10140) and take CM10017
(or equivalents authorised by the Director of Studies) Aims: To provide practical skills in C programming, skills that might be of use in industry:
Learning Outcomes:
1) To be able to write small programs in C. 2) To be able to use and write C libraries and use C tools. 3) To be aware of professional practice issues regarding C.
Problem Solving (T/F, A)
C Programming: coverage of all the C programming language, with special emphasis on pointers and their usage. C Libraries and Tools: Compilation, linking and archiving; dividing programs into reusable units (libraries), C programming methods for data hiding and opaque typing; Professional Issues: programming style; debugging techniques, safety-first programming methods.


University | Catalogues for 2006/07