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Department of Mathematical Sciences, Unit Catalogue 2006/07

MA20012 Algebra 2

Credits: 6
Level: Intermediate
Semester: 2
Assessment: EX100
Before taking this unit you must take MA20008

Aims & Learning Objectives:
Aims: In linear algebra the aim is to take the abstract theory to a new level, different from the elementary treatment in MA20008. Groups will be introduced and the most basic consequences of the axioms derived.
Objectives: Students should be capable of finding eigenvalues and minimum polynomials of matrices and of deciding the correct Jordan Normal Form. Students should know how to diagonalise matrices, while supplying supporting theoretical justification of the method. In group theory they should be able to write down the group axioms and the main theorems which are consequences of the axioms.
Linear Algebra: Properties of determinants. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Geometric and algebraic multiplicity. Diagonalisability. Characteristic polynomials. Cayley-Hamilton Theorem. Minimum polynomial and primary decomposition theorem. Statement of and motivation for the Jordan Canonical Form. Examples. Orthogonal and unitary transformations. Symmetric and Hermitian linear transformations and their diagonalisability. Quadratic forms. Norm of a linear transformation. Examples. Group Theory: Group axioms and examples. Deductions from the axioms (e.g. uniqueness of identity, cancellation). Subgroups. Cyclic groups and their properties. Homomorphisms, isomorphisms, automorphisms. Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem. Normal subgroups and Quotient groups. Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem.


University | Catalogues for 2006/07