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Department of Computer Science, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

CM40198 Digital media

Credits: 6
Level: Masters
Semester: 2
Assessment: EX75CW25
Aims: The course aims to make students aware of the underlying technology and the methods of creating and organising digital media.
Learning Outcomes:
After studying this unit a student should be able to
* discuss hypermedia as a background to multimedia;
* understand a variety of CD-ROM formats, the compression techniques needed for various source media and the consequences of each;
* understand the basic legal and ethical consequences of publishing;
* explain digital media in the context of typical applications.
An understanding of the software and hardware aspects of digital media storage and delivery (T, F, A); an appreciation of the legal and ethical aspects of media publishing (T); the ability to place digital media in context (T, A).
Hypertext and hypermedia: formats and mechanisms; static and dynamic media. Digital media formats; image, sound, video formats and compression. CD technology and the storage of digital media. Web technology and the delivery of digital media. Legal and ethical considerations.
Applications: selected from games, films, special effects, sound.