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Department of Computer Science, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

CM50150 Design

Credits: 6
Level: Masters
Semester: 2
Assessment: CW 100%
Before taking this unit you must take CM50147 and take CM50148 and take PS50067 and take XX50125 and while taking this unit you must take CM50149 and take XX50126 and take XX50127 and take XX50128
Aims: To enable students to understand and be able to apply current approaches to modelling and design of communication systems. To approach the design of communication systems from a human and task perspective and to consider the most suitable application and optimal design of the technologies to support effective human communication.
Learning Outcomes:
The students should be able to apply scientific and engineering principle s to the effective and creative design of communications systems. They should be able to critically assess communication systems and to identify how technologies may be applied to support more effective communication.
Problem solving T/F, A
Working with others T/F, A
Can reason analytically and scientifically about taught material T/F, A
Can research, summarise and cogently debate state of the art literature T/F, A.
Introduction to participatory design. Understanding of how to model and specify group and communication requirements. Conceptual design models and metaphors. How to elaborate a design model. The unit will involve practical classes through groupwork in the design of communication systems; building exemplars, interface design, communication management design, security access design.