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Department of Computer Science, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

CM50175 Research project preparation

Credits: 12
Level: Masters
Semester: 2
Assessment: CW 90%, OR 10%
Before taking this unit you must take CM50109 and After taking this module you mus
Aims: To acquire the skills to undertake a research project in fundamental or applied computer science.
Learning Outcomes:
After taking this unit a student should be able to:
* critically analyse and review previous work in a chosen subject area;
* undertake and document a detailed literature review in a chosen area of computer science research;
* demonstrate a thorough understanding of the technical, theoretical and practical issues of previous and current work in a chosen subject area;
* prepare a detailed project proposal;
* understand the principles of structuring a dissertation.
Undertaking a primary research literature search (T, F, A); assessing the relevance of research publications (T, A); judging the quality of secondary research resources, such as web resources (T, A); critical analysis of research papers (T, F, A); writing a review of a research area (T, A); preparing a research proposal (T, A).
What is a dissertation. The requirements of research. A thesis and its evidence (with examples). Finding and critically evaluating research information, including reading research papers and citing literature (with examples). Choosing a project area. Writing for scientific reports, papers and dissertation. Brief introduction to experimental method and statistical validation.
Research topic seminars from a wide variety of active researchers. Assessed seminars on key topics: How to read papers; Thesis statements; Literature reviews.
Having identified the area of work and been assigned a project advisor, the student will undertake a conceptual review, a literature search, and a critical analysis of previous work. In consultation with the project advisor the student will write a comprehensive research review and proposal for a subsequent research project. Proposal is evaluated for structure, presentation, appropriateness and understanding of review, appropriateness and structure of research programme.