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Department of Education, Programme Catalogue 2007/08

UHED-AFB03: BA (hons) Early Childhood Studies

Mode of attendance: Full time

Year 3, Semester 1

Mandatory units
ED10301 Introduction to research methods I 6 Credits
ED20152 Introduction to research methods II 6 Credits
ED30192 International perspectives of early childhood provision 3 Credits
ED30193 Research seminar 3 Credits
ED30196 Dissertation for early childhood studies (part 1) 6 Credits
SP30033 Children & families 6 Credits

Year 3, Semester 2

Mandatory units
ED20126 Educational psychology 6 Credits
ED30191 Exploring effective management practice in early years settings 6 Credits
ED30197 Dissertation for early childhood studies (part 2) 6 Credits
SP20023 Child care research, policy & practice 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 1 Unit(s) from the following list:
ED30194 Language, communication & learning 6 Credits
ED30195 Managing human resources in early educational settings 6 Credits
SP20099 Childhood: sociological perspectives & policy issues 6 Credits