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Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

EE10168 Electrical science 1: circuit theory

Credits: 6
Level: Certificate
Semester: 1
Assessment: EX80OT20
Aims: To introduce the principles of electrical circuit analysis and simulation.
To introduce the use of electrical circuits in measurement systems.
To introduce the use of nonlinear elements (diodes) and active devices (operational amplifiers) in electrical circuits.
Learning Outcomes:
After taking this unit the student should be able to: Calculate element voltage and current relationships under dc, ac and transient conditions. Understand and accurately apply Kirchhoff's laws to circuit analysis. Design simple instrumentation circuits and use an oscilloscope for making measurements. Design simple amplifier circuits.
Numeracy; problem solving; working independently.
DC circuits, resistors, Kirchhoff's Laws, electrical instrumentation, operation and appreciation of accuracy and errors. AC circuits and transient responses, use of an oscilloscope. Diodes and diode circuits. Ideal operational amplifier operation.