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Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Programme Catalogue 2007/08

UEEE-AKM12: MEng (hons) Electrical Power Engineering

Mode of attendance: Thick sandwich

Year 1, Semester 1

Mandatory units
EE10134 Introduction to programming in MATLAB 6 Credits
EE10142 Electronic laboratory techniques 6 Credits
EE10168 Electrical science 1: circuit theory 6 Credits
EE10171 Engineering physics 6 Credits
ME10304 Mathematics 1 6 Credits

Year 1, Semester 2

Mandatory units
EE10082 Electrical systems & control 6 Credits
EE10135 Signals, systems and communications 6 Credits
EE10169 Electrical science 2: digital electronics & fields and waves 6 Credits
ME10305 Mathematics 2 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 1 Unit(s) from the following list:
EE10140 Microprocessors and interfacing 6 Credits
EE10172 Energy systems and the environment 6 Credits

Year 2, Semester 1

Mandatory units
EE20004 Electronic devices & circuits 6 Credits
EE20083 Signal processing I 6 Credits
EE20084 Operating systems and structured programming 6 Credits
EE20085 Electromagnetics 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 1 Unit(s) from the following list:
EE20016 Mechanical science 6 Credits
EE20141 Space platforms and vehicles 6 Credits

Year 2, Semester 2

Mandatory units
EE20017 Communication principles 6 Credits
EE20021 Digital systems design 6 Credits
EE20090 Principles of radio and optical transmission 6 Credits
EE20099 Electrical systems & power electronics 6 Credits
EE20100 Electronic control system design 6 Credits

Year 3, Academic Year

Mandatory units
EE20062 Industrial placement 60 Credits

Year 4, Semester 1

Mandatory units
EE30123 Power electronics & drives 1 6 Credits
EE30174 Electrical energy systems and analysis 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 3 Unit(s) from the following list:
EE30029 Digital networks & protocols 6 Credits
EE30031 Digital communications 6 Credits
EE30037 Computer graphics including multimedia applications 6 Credits
EE30041 Control engineering 6 Credits
EE30120 Radio & optical waves for communications 6 Credits
EE30121 Microelectronics 6 Credits
EE30124 RF & microwave circuits 6 Credits
EE30175 Digital audio and signal processing 6 Credits

Year 4, Semester 2

Mandatory units
EE30147 Group design and business project I 12 Credits
EE30148 Group design and business project II 18 Credits

Year 5, Semester 1

Mandatory units
EE40137 Power electronics and drives 2 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 4 Unit(s) from the following list:
EE40043 Fundamentals of electromagnetic compatibility 6 Credits
EE40058 Numerical methods in cad 6 Credits
EE40066 Energy management systems 6 Credits
EE40098 Artificial intelligence 6 Credits
EE40176 Power system protection and control 6 Credits

Year 5, Semester 2

Mandatory units
EE40150 MEng individual project 30 Credits