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Department of European Studies & Modern Languages, Unit Catalogue 2007/08

EU10695 Seminar skills and informal spoken English

Credits: 3
Level: Certificate
Semester: 1
Assessment: CW 100%
Aims: The aim of this unit is to help students integrate into the academic and social environment and to raise the level of their degree work.
Learning Outcomes:
Having completed this unit students will be better able to:
* Take part in a seminar discussion
* Lead a discussion
* Identify weaknesses in their pronunciation and understand how to rectify them
* Adopt an appropriate register for different informal academic and social situations
* Interact confidently in informal academic and social situations.
Having completed this unit students will be better able to:
* Deal with different academic and social situations.
Seminar skills
* Turntaking
* Active listening
* Expressing agreement and disagreement
* Expressing reservation
* Making a point
* Clarifying
* Problem solving
* Asking questions
Leading a discussion
* Presenting information
* Presenting an argument
* Summarising and paraphrasing
* Controlling a discussion
* Using a text
* Intonation
* Chunking
* Stress
* Linking
Informal situations
* Social venues
* Initiating and making conversation
* Cultural variations
* Integrating with a group.