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Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Full time programmes

USMA-AFB01 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Statistics
USMA-AFB03 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Computing
USMA-AFB05 BSc (hons) Statistics
USMA-AFB13 BSc (hons) Mathematics
USMA-AFB15 BSc (hons) Mathematical Sciences
USMA-AFM14 MMath Mathematics
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Study year abroad programmes

USMA-AFB02 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Statistics with Study Year Abroad
USMA-AFB04 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Computing with Study Year Abroad
USMA-AFB06 BSc (hons) Statistics with Study Year Abroad
USMA-AFB14 BSc (hons) Mathematics with Study Year Abroad
USMA-AFB16 BSc (hons) Mathematical Sciences with Study Year Abroad
USMA-AFM15 MMath Mathematics with Study Year Abroad
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Thick sandwich programmes

USMA-AKB02 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Statistics
USMA-AKB04 BSc (hons) Mathematics and Computing
USMA-AKB06 BSc (hons) Statistics
USMA-AKB14 BSc (hons) Mathematics
USMA-AKB16 BSc (hons) Mathematical Sciences
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Index of units offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences

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