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School of Management

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Full time programmes

RXXX-AFD02 Doctor of Engineering (EngD) in Systems - Managing for Enhanced Performance
TMMN-AFC01 PG Cert Accounting and Finance
TMMN-AFL03 PG Dip Accounting and Finance
TMMN-AFM03 MSc Management
TMMN-AFM05 MSc Management and Strategic Information Systems
TMMN-AFM06 MSc Management with Human Resource Management
TMMN-AFM07 MSc Management with Marketing
TMMN-AFM08 MSc Management with Finance
TMMN-AFM10 MSc Management with Operations
TMMN-AFM11 MSc Accounting and Finance
TMMN-AFM12 MSc Marketing
TMMN-AFM13 MBA Business Administration
TMMN-AFM14 MSc Advanced Management Practice
TXXX-AFM11 MRes Management
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Part time programmes

TMMN-APC08 PG Cert Higher Education Management
TMMN-APM05 MSc Responsibility and Business Practice
TMMN-APM09 MBA Business Administration
TMMN-BPC01 PG Cert in Engineering Management
TMMN-ZPM10 MBA Business Administration (Athens)
TXXX-APM06 MRes Management
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