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Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Unit Catalogue 2008/09

PA10004 Introduction to pharmaceutical analysis

Credits: 3
Level: Certificate
Semester: 1
Assessment: AO 0%, CW 100%
After taking this unit you must take PA10009
Aims: To introduce the student to the role of analysis in the pharmaceutical sciences, analytical methods used in a pharmaceutical context and their bases in theory.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the unit the student should be able to
(a) outline the theoretical backgrounds, scope and limitations of titrimetry, thin layer, gas and high performance liquid chromatography and infrared, ultraviolet and visible, fluorescence, flame emission and atomic absorbtion spectroscopy, and immunochemical methods,
(b) demonstrate a familiarity with the forms in which data from the above techniques are presented, the relevant units, constants and parameters,
(c) perform necessary calculations and data manipulations for the interpretation of results.
Study skills, problem solving, handling information (T/F).
Thin layer, gas and high performance liquid chromatography. Electrophoretic methods. General principles of spectroscopy, vibrational and electronic types of spectroscopy. Titrimetry. Immunochemical methods.