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Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Unit Catalogue 2008/09

PA20046 Ethics and experimental pharmacology

Credits: 12
Level: Intermediate
Semester: 1
Assessment: CW 100%
After taking this unit you must take PA20047
Aims: To introduce the student to the practical techniques used to study the autonomic nervous system, neurotransmission in smooth muscles and the cardiovascular system. To provide proper education and training to carry out procedures on animals for scientific purposes.
Learning Outcomes:
After taking this unit, the student will demonstrate an understanding of the methods available to study drug effects on these systems and ability to individually conduct experiment using the organ bath method. Student will also undertake Home Office (HO) Module certification allowing a HO personal licence to be obtained.
Scientific and practical skills (T/F/A)
Study skills, handling information, working with others (T/F)
Problem solving (T/F).
Investigation of the effect of parasympathetic neurotransmission, cholinergic receptors, ganglion blocking drugs and muscarinic receptor antagonists, sympathetic neurotransmission, adrenoceptors and ion channels inhibitors in autonomic nerves and smooth muscle. Investigation of inotropic and chronotropic effects of drugs on cardiac preparations. Investigation of principal mechanisms controlling blood vessel diameter. The unit also contains accredited Home Office Module (1-4) training.