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Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Unit Catalogue 2008/09

PA40142 Molecular applications in pharmacology

Credits: 3
Level: Masters
Semester: 1
Assessment: EX 100%
Aims: The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of more advanced techniques in molecular biology and to evaluate critically their applicability to problems in pharmacological research.
Learning Outcomes:
After taking this unit, the student should be able to demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of commonly used techniques in molecular biology, and to appreciate the relevance, with specific examples, of this molecular approach to research in pharmacology.
Critical analysis; Oral communication.
Gene manipulation - polymerase chain reaction, reporter constructs, site-directed mutagenesis, expression systems. Generation of cellular reagents for high throughput screening of drug candidates. Genomics, proteomics and microarrays. Transgenic animal models, gene targeting and therapy.