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Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Programme Catalogue 2008/09

USPA-AKB02: BSc (hons) Pharmacology


Mode of attendance: Thick sandwich

Year 1, Academic Year: Part 1 Stage 1

Compulsory units
PA10236 Molecular and cell biology 12 Credits
PA10238 Physiology 12 Credits
PA10239 Biopharmaceutics & general pharmacology 12 Credits

Year 1, Semester 1: Part 1 Stage 1

Compulsory units
PA10001 Chemistry of functional groups 6 Credits
PA10004 Introduction to pharmaceutical analysis 3 Credits
PA10262 Learning and study skills for Pharmacology students 3 Credits

Year 1, Semester 2: Part 1 Stage 1

Compulsory units
PA10009 Instrumental analysis & spectroscopic interpretation 6 Credits
PA10044 Introduction to experimental pharmacology 6 Credits

Year 2, Academic Year

Compulsory units
PA20241 Cellular & molecular therapeutics 12 Credits
PA30266 Pharmacology of infection & immunity 12 Credits

Year 2, Semester 1

Compulsory units
PA20016 Cardiovascular, renal and peripheral nervous system pharmacology 6 Credits
PA20046 Ethics and experimental pharmacology 12 Credits

Year 2, Semester 2

Compulsory units
PA20023 Pharmacology of the central nervous system 6 Credits
PA20047 Experimental pharmacology 12 Credits

Year 3, Academic Year

Compulsory units
PA20122 Pharmacology placement (B) 60 Credits

Year 4, Semester 1

Compulsory units
PA30055 Research project in Pharmacology (B) 18 Credits
PA30251 Advanced topics, trends and technologies in pharmacology 6 Credits
PA40142 Molecular applications in pharmacology 3 Credits
PA40214 Recent advances in drug discovery 3 Credits

Year 4, Semester 2

Compulsory units
PA30140 Critical and communicative skills in pharmacology 6 Credits
PA30258 Pharmacology (BSc) dissertation 6 Credits
Optional Units: Select 3 Unit(s) from the following list:
PA30148 Central nervous system pharmacology 6 Credits
PA30150 Cardiovascular pharmacology 6 Credits
PA30157 The molecular biology and treatment of cancer 6 Credits
PA30168 Drug targets in the immune system 6 Credits
PA30169 Trends in molecular signalling 6 Credits
PA30252 Stem cell biology 6 Credits