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Department of Biology & Biochemistry, Unit Catalogue 2011/12

BB50175: Research training skills

Click here for further information Credits: 12
Click here for further information Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Click here for further information Period: Semester 1
Click here for further information Assessment: CW 70%, OT 30%
Click here for further information Supplementary Assessment: Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Click here for further information Requisites:
Click here for further information Description: Aims:
To provide a practical knowledge of advanced research skills with emphasis on analytical systems and development of team based research in national and international contexts.

Learning Outcomes:
After taking this course the student should be able to:
* Identify the intellectual, time- and resource-management and technical requirements for productive, rigorous and responsible scientific investigation and reporting;
* Undertake scientific writing at the level of a primary research paper;
* Demonstrate technical, analytical, interpretative and literature-accessing skills in the undertaking and presentation of the project;
* Design, execute, analyse, communicate and exploit a programme of research work in a safe and effective way.

Learning and studying T/F/A, Written communication T/F/A, Oral communication T/F/A, Numeracy & computation T/F/A, Information technology T/F, Information handling & retrieval T/F/A, Working independently T/F, Career preparation T/F.


* Selection and definition of a problem that can be investigated effectively within constraints of safety, time and resources; strategic planning; gathering, processing, analysis and interpretation of information; literature searching and reviewing; scientific writing and presentation.
* Radiological protection, risk assessments (GMOs, microorganisms, chemicals, radiation, etc.), safety legislation, time management, planning work, obtaining information, academic writing, making effective presentations, poster preparation; demonstrating in laboratories; issues of confidentiality, ethics, attribution, copyright, malpractice and plagiarism; ownership of data and the requirements of the Data Protection Act; intellectual property rights, spinouts and licensing; science policy, funding and evaluation; bibliographic databases; personal development planning.
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BB50175 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

Department of Biology & Biochemistry
  • TSBB-AFM05 : MSc Industrial Biotechnology and Enterprise (Full-time)

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