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Department of Chemical Engineering, Unit Catalogue 2011/12

CE50174: Green chemistry and processes metrics

Click here for further information Credits: 6
Click here for further information Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Click here for further information Period: Semester 2
Click here for further information Assessment: CW 50%, OR 50%
Click here for further information Supplementary Assessment: Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Click here for further information Requisites:
Click here for further information Description: Aims:
To develop a detailed understanding of the methodologies for qualitative and quantitative assessment of performance of chemical processes in terms of environmental, economic and social impacts; to develop practical skills in metrics.

Learning Outcomes:
After successfully completing this unit students should be able to: Analyse reaction schemes in terms of material and economic efficiency, design more optimal reaction schemes, analyse process efficiency and undertake Life Cycle Assessments for simple systems using commercial software aids, develop multiobjective metric approaches for a novel problem (an example of a novel chemical process).

Basic Life Cycle Impact and Assessment; calculations of Reaction Mass Efficiency; calculation of atom efficiency and other simple environmental indicators; analysis of stakeholder relevance and development of multiobjective metrics approaches; analysis of efficiency of new reaction routes; assessment of complete processes; preparation of a topical conference paper.

Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment, Fundamentals of Indicators and Metrics; Specific methods in chemical metrics; Life Cycle Impact and Assessment software; Reaction optimisation tools; Process schemes analysis tools; Industrial case studies; Conference Presentations.
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CE50174 is Optional on the following programmes:

Department of Chemistry
  • RXXX-AFM23 : Integrated PhD Sustainable Chemical Technologies (Full-time)
  • TXXX-AFM14 : MRes Sustainable Chemical Technologies (Full-time)

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