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Department for Health, Unit Catalogue 2011/12

HL60087: Thesis for professional doctorate

Click here for further information Credits: 198
Click here for further information Level: Doctoral (FHEQ level 8)
Click here for further information Period: Modular (no specific semester)
Click here for further information Assessment: DS 100%
Click here for further information Supplementary Assessment: Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Click here for further information Requisites:
Click here for further information Description: Aims:
To develop and complete an independent piece of work from initial design through to data collection, analysis, discussion and critical evaluation and ultimately, through publication.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the unit the student will be able to:
1. Design and obtain the necessary ethical approvals to conduct a piece of independent and novel research (professional practical skill)
2. Create and interpret new knowledge through original research, or other advanced scholarship of a quality to satisfy peer review, extend the forefront of their practice and merit publication (intellectual skill)
3. Conceptualise design and implement a project for the generation of new knowledge applications or understanding at the forefront of their practice and to adjust the project design in the light of unforeseen problems (intellectual skill, professional practical skill)
4. Exercise personal responsibility and largely autonomous initiative in complex and unpredictable situations in professional or equivalent environments (intellectual skill, professional practical skill)
5. Present their findings in a concise and cogent thesis and defend their argument in a viva voce examination (transferable skill).

See above.

Negotiated with supervisory team and skills for the competent researcher:
* Exploitation of research and IPR
* Research management.
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HL60087 is Compulsory on the following programmes:

Department for Health
  • RHHL-APD03 : DHealth Professional Doctorate in Health (Part-time)

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