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Department of Physics, Unit Catalogue 2011/12

PH40024: Contemporary physics

Click here for further information Credits: 6
Click here for further information Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Click here for further information Period: Semester 1
Click here for further information Assessment: CW90OR10
Click here for further information Supplementary Assessment: Supplementary assessment information not currently available (this will be added shortly)
Click here for further information Requisites: Before taking this unit you must have taken an appropriate selection of year 1 and year 2 Physics units.
Click here for further information Description: Aims:
The aim of this unit is to increase the breadth and depth of students' knowledge and understanding of some recent developments in Physics research and, in doing so, to develop their literature searching, writing and oral presentation skills.

Learning Outcomes:
While taking this unit the student should be able to:
* critically review the research literature and synthesise the results of previously conducted research in some areas of contemporary Physics;
* explain in detail both the principles of the fundamental underlying physics and the current state of the research fields in these areas;
* demonstrate good time management skills in allocating appropriate amounts of time for the planning, research and writing of reports;
* carry out literature searching methods for academic journals and computer-based resources in order to research the topics studied;
* develop the ability to extract and assimilate relevant information from a wide range of sources;
* develop structured report writing and oral presentation skills.

Written Communication T/F A, Spoken Communication T/F A, Information Technology T/F A.

This unit will be based on three seminars from Physics academics, who will introduce topics of current research interest. Students then research and write technical reports on each of these topics. They will also give an oral presentation on one of the topics and answer questions on their presentation.
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PH40024 is Optional on the following programmes:

Programmes in Natural Sciences
  • UXXX-AFM01 : MSci (hons) Natural Sciences (Full-time) - Year 4

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