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Changes to codes for units offered on programmes in Sport & Social Sciences and Sports Performance for 2014/15

From 1st August 2014, programmes in Sport & Social Sciences and Sports Performance, and their associated units are transferring from the Department of Education to the Department for Health. As part of this change affected programmes and units will have new codes with effect from the start of the 2014/15 academic session.

The tables below show all the units which have been recoded with both their 'old' and 'new' codes. Clicking on the new code will take you to the catalogue entry for that unit.

If you have any queries regarding these lists or have difficulty finding the code you are looking for please contact Helen Buick for further assistance.


Level: Certificate (FHEQ level 4)

Old Unit Code Unit Title
New Unit Code
ED10143 Introduction to sports pedagogy
ED10148 Introduction to sport policy, management & development
ED10190 Ethics, sport & the body
ED10355 Research design for the social sciences
ED10357 Continuing professional development
ED10358 Historical & contemporary issues in sport, physical activity & the body
ED10359 Physical education, policy and practice
ED10360 Introduction to sport and exercise psychology
ED10447 Sport & the social sciences: a critical introduction
ED10448 The politics of sport
ED10456 Research methods for sports performance
ED10457 Human structure and function
ED10458 Introduction to sports coaching
ED10459 Introduction to sports performance
ED10460 Nutrition for sports performance
ED10461 Sports development
ED10462 Strength and conditioning
ED10463 Work based learning 1

Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)

Old Unit Code Unit Title
New Unit Code
ED20134 Sports policy and international development
ED20160 Coach education & sports development/Sport & social sciences professional placement
ED20409 Doing social science research
ED20410 Culture, media & sport
ED20413 Educational psychology for sport and physical activity
ED20414 Sport, promotional culture & tourism
ED20415 Reading & writing sport critically
ED20416 Sociology of sport, health & the body
ED20417 Motivation and cognition for sport & physical activity
ED20449 Professional practice 1
ED20450 Pedagogical approaches for sport, youth & physical activity
ED20451 Professional practice II
ED20452 Contemporary issues in sport & exercise psychology
ED20453 Sport & culture in the global marketplace
ED20473 Work based learning 2
ED20474 Contemporary issues in sports performance
ED20475 Planning for the athlete in context
ED20476 Sport and exercise psychology
ED20477 Performance analysis
ED20478 Talent identification principles and practice

Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)

Old Unit Code Unit Title
New Unit Code
ED30153 Applied pedagogy & practice: physical education
ED30154 Applied pedagogy & practice: coaching
ED30155 Advanced issues in sport management, development & policy
ED30392 Research methods
ED30396 Sports performance research seminar
ED30428 Dissertation research
ED30433 Advanced seminar in sport, health & the social sciences
ED30435 Advanced issues in physical activity, health & the body
ED30454 Contemporary issues in research
ED30455 Filmic representations of the sporting popular
ED30464 Dissertation
ED30465 Managing the performance athlete 2
ED30466 Managing the performance athlete 1
ED30467 Coaching & pedagogy 1: advanced coaching concepts
ED30468 Coaching & pedagogy 2: practical sports coaching
ED30469 Sports physiology 1: training practices
ED30470 Sports physiology 2: contemporary issues in specific populations
ED30471 Sports policy 1: philosophy and practice
ED30472 Sports policy 2: managing sport in the global environment