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MN30575: Entrepreneurship and innovation

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2014/5
Further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: School of Management
Further information on credits Credits: 6
Further information on unit levels Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)
Further information on teaching periods Period: Semester 1
Semester 2
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Detail:
  • Coursework 1 (CW 70% - Qualifying Mark: 35)
  • Coursework 2 (CW 30% - Qualifying Mark: 35)
Further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment: Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Further information on requisites Requisites:
Further information on descriptions Description: Aims:
The objective of this unit is to develop theoretical and practical understanding of the entrepreneurial process from idea generation to exploitation. It is aimed at students who want to enhance their entrepreneurial skills or take an entrepreneurial role by setting up their new ventures or by developing innovative ideas in existing companies.

Learning Outcomes:
With this unit students will be able to:
* Understand the stages of the entrepreneurial process from the initial perception of an innovative idea to its realisation in a market or social context
* Reflect on the challenges entrepreneurs face, and the resources and skills they need to draw upon, when developing new ideas in uncertain environments
* Critically assess the merits of alternative models and strategies for innovation that entrepreneurs can adopt to benefit from the value of new ideas
* Develop a plan to exploit an innovative idea of their own for a product or service.

Intellectual skills:
* Creative thinking
* Scanning and assessing potential business ideas
Practical skills:
* Write a feasibility study
* Communicate and prove the value of their ideas to others
Transferable skills:
* Approach an underspecified problem from different perspectives
* Support with evidence a business proposition.

Creativity and idea generation, Entrepreneurial process, Innovation and new product development, Business model and feasibility analysis, Entrepreneurial marketing, Networks and partnerships, Entrepreneurial finance.
Further information on programme availabilityProgramme availability:

MN30575 is Optional on the following programmes:

School of Management
  • UMMN-AFB02 : BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance (Year 3)
  • UMMN-AKB02 : BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance with Year long work placement (Year 4)
  • UMMN-ANB01 : BSc(Hons) Business Administration with Thin sandwich placement(s) (Year 4)
  • UXXX-AYB05 : BSc(Hons) International Management and Modern Languages (French) with Year Abroad (Year 4)
  • UXXX-AYB04 : BSc(Hons) International Management and Modern Languages (German) with Year Abroad (Year 4)
  • UXXX-AYB06 : BSc(Hons) International Management and Modern Languages (Spanish) with Year Abroad (Year 4)

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