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Postgraduate Programme & Unit Catalogues 2017/18

Department for Health


NB. Programmes marked with an asterisk (*) are not recruiting new students in 2017/18
Programmes in Health & Wellbeing

MRes programmes

THXX-AFM42 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Full-time)
THXX-AFM43 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Leading to PhD) (Full-time)
THXX-APM42 MRes Health & Wellbeing (Part-time)

Programmes in Health

Doctoral programmes

RHHL-APD03 Professional Doctorate in Health (DHealth) (Part-time)

Programmes in Research in Health Practice

MSc programmes

THHL-ADM14 MSc Research in Health Practice (Distance Learning)

Programmes in Sport and Exercise Medicine

MSc programmes

THHL-ADM10 MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine (Distance Learning)

PG Dip programmes

THHL-ADL07 PG Diploma Sport and Exercise Medicine (Distance Learning)

Programmes in Sports Physiotherapy

MSc programmes

THHL-ADM18 MSc Sports Physiotherapy (Distance Learning)

PG Dip programmes

THHL-ADL18 * PG Diploma Sports Physiotherapy (Distance Learning)