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Department of Social & Policy Sciences
Unit Index 2017/18

Below is a list of units offered by the Department of Social & Policy Sciences in 2017/18. Follow the links on the unit codes to view individual unit descriptions. Units are sorted by level and then by period slot. To find a specific unit code or title please use your browser's find on page function.

Level: Certificate (FHEQ level 4)

Academic Year

SP10145 Community needs assessment, groups and teamwork in practice 12 Credits

Semester 1

SP10002 Social problems & social policy 6 Credits
SP10019 Introduction to social work 6 Credits
SP10043 Understanding society: Britain in global context 6 Credits
SP10059 Academic and research skills I: introduction to qualitative methods 6 Credits
SP10178 Social work and life course 1 6 Credits
SP10204 Introduction to international development 6 Credits
SP10206 Thinking and working cross-culturally: Introduction to social analysis of development 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP10001 Social policy, welfare and the state 6 Credits
SP10044 Classical sociological theory 6 Credits
SP10159 Academic and research skills II: introduction to quantitative methods 6 Credits
SP10179 Social work and life course 2 6 Credits
SP10203 Development economics: microeconomic perspective 6 Credits
SP10205 Introduction to politics of development 6 Credits
SP10282 Readiness for direct social work practice (RDP) 6 Credits
SP10287 Social policy and YOU 6 Credits

Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)

Academic Year

SP20067 Placement 60 Credits

Semester 1

SP20004 Family matters: the sociology of the family & family policy 6 Credits
SP20006 Poverty, social justice, and the state 6 Credits
SP20021 Critical reflection on professional practice 1 12 Credits
SP20050 Sociology of criminal justice policy 6 Credits
SP20062 Qualitative social research methods 6 Credits
SP20112 Contemporary sociological theory 6 Credits
SP20131 Discrimination & empowerment: skills in practice 12 Credits
SP20207 Researching social change 6 Credits
SP20244 Political sociology 6 Credits
SP20255 Social work practice placement year 2 6 Credits
SP20261 Social concepts of humans, monsters and machines 6 Credits
SP20277 Development economics: macroeconomic perspective 6 Credits
SP20299 Understanding migrations: between transnational governance and lived experience 6 Credits
SP20300 The social science of climate change 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP20003 'Race' & racism 6 Credits
SP20005 Making and communicating policy: theories and practices 6 Credits
SP20025 Theories & methods in social work 6 Credits
SP20069 Philosophy of the social sciences 6 Credits
SP20097 The sociology of health and healthcare today 6 Credits
SP20099 Understanding childhood: sociological perspectives & policy issues 6 Credits
SP20160 Quantitative data analysis 6 Credits
SP20208 International politics of development 6 Credits
SP20209 Development policy and practice 6 Credits
SP20246 Social work with children and families 1 12 Credits
SP20258 Mental health social work 1 6 Credits
SP20262 The manufacture of consent: propaganda, public relations and power 6 Credits
SP20283 Social work with adults 1 6 Credits
SP20285 Society, welfare and policies in Europe 6 Credits
SP20298 Civil society and NGOs in the developing world 6 Credits

Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)

Academic Year

SP30280 Applied social studies dissertation 18 Credits
SP30281 Social policy dissertation 18 Credits
SP30284 Sociology dissertation 18 Credits
SP30306 International development dissertation 18 Credits

Semester 1

SP30013 Social protection and welfare reform 6 Credits
SP30118 Power in society 6 Credits
SP30161 Sociology of death 6 Credits
SP30210 Conflict, security and international development 6 Credits
SP30248 Social work with children and families 2 6 Credits
SP30257 Working in a social care organisation 6 Credits
SP30259 Mental health social work 2 6 Credits
SP30288 Lobbying, policy communications and democracy 6 Credits
SP30302 Crime and the Media 6 Credits
SP30304 Social work with adults 2 12 Credits
SP30307 Global inequality: economic and political perspectives 6 Credits
SP30308 International development fieldwork project 12 Credits

Semester 2

SP30028 Critical reflection on professional practice 2 18 Credits
SP30035 Social work practice case study 6 Credits
SP30129 Sexual violence: explanations, responses & debates 6 Credits
SP30211 Contemporary issues in South Asian development 6 Credits
SP30212 Contemporary issues in African development 6 Credits
SP30256 Social work practice placement year 3 6 Credits
SP30263 Ideas about 'terrorism' 6 Credits
SP30264 Understanding religion in the contemporary world 6 Credits
SP30276 Gender, sexuality, science, and technology 6 Credits
SP30278 Development finance 6 Credits
SP30286 Policy evaluation 6 Credits
SP30310 The developmental state 6 Credits

Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)

Dissertation period

SP50222 International development: Masters dissertation 30 Credits

Semester 1

SP50136 Theoretical issues in sociology 6 Credits
SP50158 Research for social work: values, methods and contexts 6 Credits
SP50216 Economics for international development 6 Credits
SP50217 Sociology & social anthropology of development 6 Credits
SP50218 Policy & politics of developing countries 6 Credits
SP50254 Foundations of international development 6 Credits
SP50279 Comparative public policy and social welfare: cross-national, European and global perspectives 6 Credits
SP50293 Critical skills for international development and policy 6 Credits

Semester 2

SP40215 Critical issues in social development 6 Credits
SP50144 Research for policy: concepts, methods and values 6 Credits
SP50220 Management of development 6 Credits
SP50221 International development extended essay 6 Credits
SP50225 Political economy of globalisation 6 Credits
SP50226 World politics: conflict, security & development 6 Credits
SP50227 Natural resources and sustainability 6 Credits
SP50235 Contemporary issues in South Asian development 6 Credits
SP50236 Contemporary issues in African development 6 Credits
SP50305 Research skills for international development, policy and practice 6 Credits

Level: Doctoral (FHEQ level 8)


SP60290 Transformational policy and practice 18 Credits
SP60291 Policy research methodology 18 Credits
SP60292 Policy specialism: international development 18 Credits
SP60295 Networks, governance and citizenship in a digital world 18 Credits
SP60311 Reading paper 18 Credits
SP60312 Professional Doctorate in Policy Research and Practice: research enquiry 198 Credits