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SP20255: Social work practice placement year 2

Follow this link for further information on academic years Academic Year: 2018/9
Further information on owning departmentsOwning Department/School: Department of Social & Policy Sciences
Further information on credits Credits: 6      [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Further information on notional study hours Notional Study Hours:
Further information on unit levels Level: Intermediate (FHEQ level 5)
Further information on teaching periods Period:
Semester 1
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Further information on unit assessment Assessment Detail:
  • SW Practice Learning Placement year 2 (CW 100%)
Further information on supplementary assessment Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Further information on requisites Requisites: While taking this module you must take SP20021
Further information on descriptions Description: Aims:
By the end of the first placement students should demonstrate effective use of knowledge, skills and commitment to core values in social work in a given setting in predominantly less complex situations, with supervision and support. They will have demonstrated capacity to work with people and situations where there may not be simple clear-cut solutions.
For students to satisfactorily evidence that they have met the practice level required at the end of their first Placement. The evidence should demonstrate knowledge and skills and values related to the nine domains of The College of Social Work's Professional Capability Framework.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this unit students will have learnt how to:
1. Identify and behave as a professional social worker, committed to professional development (PCF 1.2; 1.3; 1.4; 1.5; 1.7; 1.8; 1.9; 1.10; 1.11)
2. Apply social work ethical principles and values to guide professional practice. (PCF2.1; 2.2; 2.3; 2.4; 2.5; 2.6)
3. Recognise diversity and apply anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive principles in practice (PCF 3.1; 3.2; 3.3)
4. Advance human rights and promote social justice and economic well-being (PCF4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4; 4.5)
5. Apply knowledge of social sciences, law and social work practice theory (PCF5.1; 5.2; 5.7; 5.8; 5.12)
6. Apply critical reflection and analysis to inform and provide a rationale for professional decision-making (PCF 6.1; 6.2; 6.3; 6.4; 6.5; 6.6)
7. Use judgement and authority to intervene with individuals, families and communities to promote independence, provide support and prevent harm, neglect and abuse (PCF 7.1; 7.2; 7.3; 7.4; 7.5; 7.6; 7.7; 7.8; 7.9; 7.10; 7.11; 7.12; 7.13)
8. Engage with, inform, and adapt to changing contexts that shape practice. Operate effectively within own organisational frameworks and contribute to the development of services and organisations. Operate effectively within multi-agency and inter-professional partnerships and settings (PCF 8.1; 8.2; 8.3; 8.4; 8.5; 8.6; 8.7)
9. Take responsibility for the professional learning and development of others through supervision, mentoring, assessing, research, teaching, leadership and management (PCF 9.1; 9.2).

During the Social Work Practice Placement Year 2 (80 day placement) students will be provided with the opportunities through practice and assessment to confirm that they provide evidence that meets the required level and standards of the College of Social Work Professional Capability Framework (see in content, below).(All of the skills in the PCF are taught, facilitated and assessed).

During the Social Work Practice Placement Year 2 (80 day placement) students will be provided with the opportunities to confirm that they meet the required end of first placement level of the Professional Capability framework This will be facilitated by engagement in a placement of 80 days in an agency providing practice learning opportunities for Social Work and Applied Social Studies students.
Further information on programme availabilityProgramme availability:

SP20255 is a Designated Essential Unit on the following programmes:

Department of Social & Policy Sciences
  • UHSP-AFB15 : BSc(Hons) Social Work and Applied Social Studies (Year 2)