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Postgraduate Programme & Unit Catalogues 2019/20

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Programmes in Electrical Power Systems

MSc programmes

TEEE-AFM01 MSc Electrical Power Systems (Full-time)

Programmes in Electronic Systems Design

MSc programmes

TEEE-AFM15 MSc Electronic Systems Design (Full-time)
TEEE-AWM15 MSc Electronic Systems Design (Full-time incorporating placement)

Programmes in Mechatronics

MSc programmes

TEXX-AFM01 MSc Mechatronics (Full-time)

Programmes in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

MSc programmes

TEEE-AFM19 MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Full-time)
TEEE-AWM19 MSc Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Full-time incorporating placement)