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AR50327: Professional practice

[Page last updated: 04 August 2021]

Academic Year: 2021/2
Owning Department/School: Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
Credits: 12 [equivalent to 24 CATS credits]
Notional Study Hours: 240
Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Academic Year
Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Assessment Detail:
  • Professional CV (CW 5%)
  • Career Appraisal (CW 10%)
  • PEDR (CW 40%)
  • Case Study (CW 45%)
Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Aims: To provide, through evaluation, appraisal and research, a Documentary Submission comprising a professional curriculum vitae, a professional experience evaluation and a Case Study, appropriate evidence of professional judgement, conduct and ethics in the context of an on-going evaluation of the candidate's professional experience. To further provide through the completion and submission of the Professional Experience and Development Record, evidence to demonstrate that the candidate has achieved the appropriate breadth and level of practical experience that confirms their competence for the practise of architecture.

Learning Outcomes: Candidates who have completed this unit will be able to demonstrate appropriate professional, analytical and communication skills, knowledge of the administration and management of professional practice, the appropriateness of their professional experience in the work place, the application of theoretical knowledge, professional judgement and ethics, and the demonstration of the capability to practice architecture.

Skills: Independent research, analysis and assessment of the practical issues involved in the structure and management of architecture, the management of construction and the procurement of building projects.

Content: The content of the Unit is composed of four key elements:
1. The professional curriculum vitae: A formal record of the candidate's educational and professional career, including non-architectural work, summarising the candidate's experience in architectural practice.
2. The professional experience evaluation: An analytical and reflective appraisal setting out the candidate's experience in architectural practice, with particular reference to projects upon which the candidate has been engaged, supplemented with drawings, site photographs, relevant project correspondence and testimonials.
3. The Case Study: An analytical and critical evaluation of at least one construction project undertaken by the candidate during their recorded professional experience, with which the candidate has had direct experience in a design and administrative capacity, to supplement the Professional Experience and Development Record and professional experience evaluation.
4. The Professional Experience and Development Record: A record of the candidate's professional experience, development and competency in the practice of architecture that demonstrates that the candidate has achieved the required minimum duration of professional experience in appropriate locations and of sufficient complexity and standard in compliance with the professional experience regulations.

Programme availability:

AR50327 is a Designated Essential Unit on the following programmes:

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering


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