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HL50077: Research project design

[Page last updated: 14 April 2022]

Academic Year: 2021/2
Owning Department/School: Department for Health
Credits: 6 [equivalent to 12 CATS credits]
Notional Study Hours: 120
Level: Masters UG & PG (FHEQ level 7)
Academic Year
Assessment Summary: CW 100%
Assessment Detail:
  • Research Supervisor (CW 0%)
  • Research Proposal Draft (CW 0%)
  • Research Proposal - Final (CW 100%)
Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding
After taking this unit the student should be able to:
* Focus research ideas into a feasible research question.
* Identify the appropriate reading material, critically evaluate and review literature relevant to a research question.
* Critically discuss research methodologies, and determine appropriate design for chosen research project.
* Determine appropriate research design(s) and methods for use in chosen research project and critically discuss your choice.
* Critically discuss the issues associated with gaining ethical approval for chosen research project.
* Prepare a research ethics proposal for submission to an appropriate body
* Recognise the necessary elements, and submit a research protocol.
These learning outcomes will be taught, facilitated and assessed.

Aims: The aim of this unit is to acquire the skills needed to plan an independent research project.

Skills: On completion of this unit students should be able to:
* Differentiate the value of information from different types of study designs and different sources (Taught)
* Critically assess research carried out by others, evaluate its usefulness for your own project and use it as a starting point for your research (Taught)
* Evaluate a research topic and produce a sustainable research design, effective research proposal, research propositions and research plan (Taught)
Professional & Practical
* Identify the appropriate use of quantitative and qualitative methods (Facilitated, Assessed)
* Perform appropriate data presentation (Facilitated, Assessed)
* Search, store, retrieve and integrate citations within your own reports (Taught)
* Identify research opportunities and the potential problems in undertaking research in a particular area, or in using a particular method or approach. (Facilitated)
* Write an effective critical and evaluative (i.e. not simply a descriptive) review of the research literature on a particular topic. (Facilitated, Assesssed)
Transferable & Key Skills
* Find and summarise relevant information using IT and develop an evidence based approach to research (Taught, Assessed)
* Organise your own activities to achieve a desired outcome within a limited amount of time (Facilitated)
* Direct your own learning (Facilitated)
* Exercise initiative and personal responsibility (Facilitated)
* Communicate research ideas effectively in oral or written form (Facilitated, Assessed)
* Demonstrate confidence as informed consumers of published research, able to critically evaluate the relative quality and merits of reported research findings. (Facilitated)
* Ability to undertake independent research and to complete a thesis. (Facilitated)
* Be aware of ethical issues that arise in the conception, design and implementation of research. (Facilitated)
* Devise data collection instruments and procedures for analyzing data for a particular project. (Taught)

Content: The unit ensures that the student has the necessary tools and knowledge of their appropriate use to progress with their research project. This will include the following topics:
* Introduction to the research process
* Identifying a Topic and Defining Your Research Question
* Carrying Out a Literature Review
* Choosing The Methodology and Methods
* Getting Ethical Approval
Students will undertake an original piece of work which will comprise a proposal for a viable research project, that has undergone ethical consideration and for which appropriate supervision has been found.

Programme availability:

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Department for Health


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