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NFAAR-CPD: Information for students on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework programmes (NFAAR Phase 4)

NB. The information below pertains only to students on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework programmes (links to pages for students on other types of programme can be found on the NFAAR index page).

In 2008/09 the University introduced a new academic framework of assessment regulations governing most undergraduate degree programmes. From the 2011/12 academic year, this new framework is being extended to cover most Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework programmes.

The framework - called the New Framework for Assessment: Assessment Regulations Phase4 for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework programmes (NFAAR-CPD) - describes the rules for progression from one stage of a degree programme to the next (including supplementary assessment, and whether or not condonement of marginal failure is allowed), as well as for the award of degrees. Students taking programmes which fall within the NFAAR-CPD will be assessed according to these rules.

How do I know which version of NFAAR my programme is being assessed under?

You will be able to see which version of NFAAR your programme is being assessed under by looking at the relevant entry in the programme catalogue. Programmes assessed under NFAAR-CPD will have a box at the beginning of the programme structure containing text which begins "NFAAR-CPD assessment regulations".

These changes will not affect students who commenced programmes of study included under NFAAR-CPD prior to the 2011/12 academic year.

Where to access further information

Further information to help you understand the way in which NFAAR information has been incorporated into the programme catalogues will be published here shortly. In the meantime, you can access relevant information as follows: