University of Bath

Corporate Information

Data about the University, our policies, strategies and governance information.

  • Laser Safety

    Provision of guidance to control the significant risks to human health from lasers people may be exposed to at work.

  • Legionella Control Policy

    This policy sets out the University’s approach to managing significant legionella risks associated with water systems.

  • Noise and Vibration Policy

    This policy sets out the regulatory limits for noise and vibration and the procedures required to protect those who are exposed to these conditions.

  • Occupational Health Surveillance

    This policy describes when occupational health surveillance might be required and what arrangements are in place to provide it

  • Radon in the workplace

    The guide demonstrates how potential exposure to radon is managed within the work environment to ensure levels are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.

  • Risk assessment

    This guidance enables employees to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of significant hazards associated with their work activities.

  • Safe use of fume cupboards

    This guide sets out responsibilities to ensure fume cupboards are used and maintained correctly, providing the required protection for laboratory users.