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University of Bath

Corporate Information

Data about the University, our policies, strategies and governance information.

  • Artificial optical radiation

    This guide sets out the University approach to managing significant risk from work activities using sources of Artificial Optical Radiation (AOR).

  • Asbestos management policy

    This document describes how the University will manage risks associated with asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

  • Controlling Fire and Explosion Risk

    Describes the University’s arrangements for managing risks associated with the use of dangerous substances that could result in a fire and/or explosion.

  • Drone Operations

    This guidance sets out the arrangements and checks required for drone operations over University property

  • Electrical Safety Policy

    The Electrical Safety Policy applies to all employees who are working with the University electrical systems and electrical work equipment.

  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

    This guide provides information to aid in reducing exposure of all persons affected by University operations to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).

  • Fieldwork safety standard

    This standard describes the University’s approach for managing significant risks associated with fieldwork.

  • Fire evacuation

    Describes the arrangements for evacuating our buildings safely in event of an emergency.

  • Fire Safety Policy

    The University’s fire safety policy sets out our commitment to ensuring the safety of all members of the University in the event of a fire.