About DECkNO

Based in the Social and Policy Sciences Department at the University of Bath, the DECkNO pop-up centre aims to explore the problem of Euro-centrism in the social sciences and to consider its socioeconomic and policy research implications. Maldonado Torres calls for a ‘shift away from modernization, towards decoloniality as an unfinished project which took place in the twentieth century and is still unfolding now’ (2011).

The pop-up centre aims to:

  • Promote inter-disciplinary research on decolonial theory and practice
  • Bring discussion of the coloniality of power and of knowledge to the forefront of research across the University
  • Bring a new angle to the teaching of Undergraduate and Postgraduate units
  • Develop the epistemology of the south as a new insight into decolonising the social sciences

Our researchers

Our researchers aim to attract major grants and undertake research projects funded by UK and EU research councils, other academic funders, Government departments, related public-sector bodies and international academic and non academic organisations and Networks.

We share knowledge and expertise through research publications, reports and policy briefings, conferences and other events.