About our research

The Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy (CASP) is an interdisciplinary research centre critically engaging with the evidence, design and evaluation behind policy development across a range of major social issues. Our work analyses issues such as poverty and income maintenance, work and wages, inequalities, crime and substance use, health and well-being, and disabilities.

Research themes

We cover a number of social issues and assess the governance, prioritisation and evaluation of policy responses to these. Our research falls under the following themes:

Our researchers

Our researchers attract major grants and undertake research projects funded by UK and EU research councils and other academic funders, Government departments and related public-sector bodies, third-sector organisations and charities. We collaborate regularly with NGOs, charities, local, devolved and national UK government and international bodies.

We share knowledge and expertise through research publications, reports and policy briefings, conferences and other events.

Our teaching

Our researchers teach a range of courses at the University. View our undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences.