Our chemical engineers are developing innovative materials for use in adsorption processes in industry.

These materials offer enormous potential to improve separations efficiency and reduce energy consumption and cost, in areas such as gas separation, soil remediation, water management and removing contaminants from process streams.

Often our work begins with molecular simulation, to gain insight into the adsorption and diffusion phenomena of different materials, such as the uptake of gas.

We then use those insights to find and characterise the most promising materials, or to develop new ones, to optimise adsorption processes or enable new separations.

Example projects

  • Novel nanoporous materials that enable the adsorption and safe storage of hydrogen for use in transport and grid systems
  • New hollow fibre technology that can remove, recover and separate contiminants from gas, and drastically reduce energy consumption
  • Advanced adsorption technology capable of removing contaminants and killing bacteria, to clean and recycle air more effectively on aircraft

Members of CASE focusing on adsorption