Up to 15% of energy used globally is in the separation and purification of industrial products, such as gases, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and water.

As well as being very energy intensive, separations can be extremely costly – accounting for between 40% and 70% of capital and operating costs in many companies.

The Centre for Advanced Separations Engineering (CASE) at the University of Bath is the largest separations research centre in the UK, focused on developing and deploying advanced separations technologies across a wide range of sectors.

Bringing together significant expertise in fundamental investigation and materials development, with high profile, industry-led projects, we are exploring and developing new ways to make separation processes more cost and energy efficient.

What we are working on specifically

The work we are conducting in separations offers huge potential for many sectors, including petrochemical, biotechnology, healthcare, food processing, formulation, water and gas treatment, and manufacturing.

Our work can be categorised into three main themes: