Getting a guaranteed place in accommodation

If you are eligible to apply for student accommodation you must submit your application before the deadline to be guaranteed a room.

For new overseas postgraduate and MA Contemporary European Studies (Euromasters) postgraduate students the deadline is 17 June.

For new undergraduates, exchange students and international foundation year students the deadline is 1 July.

If you have a disability or a diagnosed medical condition that affects your accommodation requirements, you must let us know in your accommodation application.

Applications received after the deadline will still be considered, but we cannot guarantee you a place.

How we allocate rooms

We only allocate you a room after your course offer changes to unconditional firm.

Rooms are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is not given to the date and time of application.

We allocate rooms according to:

  • course offer status
  • room type preference
  • group gender preference
  • additional preferences
  • availability

The order in which rooms are allocated is randomly generated by our accommodation database.

We try to get you into one of your highest ranked room type preferences but in many cases this is not possible.

Room allocation always depends on the popularity of choices and the number of applicants.

Choosing your room preferences

You will need to choose ten room types when applying for your accommodation.

If you would like an en-suite room, we recommend that you list a maximum of three en-suite preferences.

En-suite rooms are very popular and the number of applications is always higher than the number of rooms available, especially for first year undergraduates.

Selecting more en-suite options does not increase your chance of getting one, and could mean you are given a room not on your list of choices.

We recommend that you choose each of your ten preferences carefully, as you could be allocated any of them, and not just your top three.

Offering you a room

You should get an email with an offer of accommodation between late August and mid September.

We ask that you do not contact us before 7 September, as it is likely that we'll still be in the process of allocating you a room.

Only one offer of accommodation will be made. You will need to read the offer of accommodation and make sure it is suitable for your needs.

Delays affecting your offer of accommodation

If there is a delay to your offer becoming unconditional firm it will be likely to affect your chances of getting your preferred room. Delays can include things like not achieving your offer grades and going through an appeal process.

If you are delayed, you can still get a room in University accommodation if you submitted your application before the deadline.

Accepting our offer

The offer email will have a link to the online portal, where you can follow instructions for how to accept or reject it.

Rejecting our offer

You do not have to accept our offer of accommodation. If you reject it, we may not be able to make you another offer unless there are special circumstances that we were unaware of at the time of allocation. Your next step may then be to find private housing.

Reviewing this procedure

We try to take on board feedback from applicants and operate as fairly as possible.