Hardware specifications

Login node

One login node providing virtual desktop for visualisation, shared campaign storage, Secure Shell (SSH) capabilities for users and a Slurm workload manager:

  • 48 Cores (24 x 2 AMD Milan processors)
  • 128 GB Memory (8GB x 16)
  • ~10.7 TB of shared storage space
  • GPU Card for virtual desktop (Nvidia Ampere A40)

Compute nodes

Eight compute nodes providing 384 cores, each with:

  • 48 Cores (24 x 2 AMD Milan processors)
  • 256 GB Memory (16GB x 16), 5.3GBs per core
  • 960 GB NVMe based fast local storage

Software environment

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux v8
  • SLURM scheduler
  • Module-based software environments
  • Intel and GNU C and Fortran compilers
  • Intel and OpenSource Math libraries and MPI libraries
  • Intel debugger and profiling tools

Using Anatra for your research

The on-campus Anatra HTC is under development and will gradually be made available to researcher and postgraduate students at the University.

Anatra forms part of the University's new three pillar research computing infrastructure, which also includes: