Every year, we host a biomechanics symposium to bring together academics, researchers and healthcare professionals to discuss the latest developments in biomechanics, orthopaedics and related areas.

14th Bath Biomechanics Symposium

This year's symposium took place on 17 September 2018 and focused on the topic From micro- to multi-scale modelling: state of the art in MSK biomechanics.

Since 2005, we've welcomed distinguished guest speakers to present and debate a wide range of topics.

Past symposia

Year Theme Keynote speakers
2018 From micro- to multi-scale modelling: state of the art in MSK biomechanics Professor Ruth Wilcox, Dr Andrew Phillips, Professor Markus Heller, Dr Gianluca Tozzi
2017 Spine biomechanics: injury mechanisms, degenerative disorders and treatments Dr Jeffery Taylor, Associate Professor John Costi, Dr Raj Sengupta, Mr Ian Harding
2016 50 Years of musculo-skeletal research: lessons learned and future perspectives Professor Michael Morlock, Professor Ian Learmonth, Professor Phil Noble, Dr Tom Bauer
2015 Challenges to innovation in orthopaedics Professor Hani Haider, Dr Neil McGuire, Professor Nick Bishop, Mr Martyn Porter
2014 Current issues and future opportunities in orthopaedic research Professor Philip Noble, Dr Oliver Kessler, Professor Marco Viceconti, Professor Gordon Bannister
2013 Beyond compliance: post-implant clinical release surveillance Mr Keith Tucker, Dr Steven Kurtz, Professor David Beverland, Professor Tom Joyce
2012 Early intervention: reducing costs of healthcare in the long term? Professor David Murray, Mr Peter Schranz, Mr Matthew Wilson, Dr Bernd Grimm
2011 Anatomy, kinematics and function: advances in the goals of total joint arthroplasty Professor Michael Wroblewski, Dr Tom Joyce, Professor Michael Manley, Mr Andrew Toms, Professor Ian Learmonth
2010 Biomechanics of the spine: engineering & clinical advances Professor Mike Adams, Dr Geoffrey Andrews, Dr Trish Dolan, Mr Ioannis Karnezis
2009 Hip and knee replacement: challenges of the future Mr Andy Toms, Dr Mark Kester, Professor Ian Learmonth, Professor Richie Gill
2008 Technological advances in clinical orthopaedics Professor Michael Freeman, Professor Justin Cobb, Professor Michael Manley
2007 Biomaterials in the reconstruction of the musculo-skeletal system Professor Christina Doyle, Professor Allen Goodship, Professor Bruce Caterson, Professor Kevin Shakesheff
2006 Pre-clinical validation of orthopaedic implants Dr Minoo Esat, Professor John Fisher, Professor Mike Manley, Mr John Timperley
2005 Hand and wrist biomechanics Professor Tony Unsworth, Mr Ian Trail