Bath Scheme Champions are academic and professional staff that oversee the application process and support for the Bath Scheme within their department, school or area. See our list of Bath Scheme Champions to find out who to contact in your department, school or area.

Our Bath Scheme Champions work closely with the Bath Scheme Director to support experienced staff who are eligible and would like to achieve HEA Fellowship through the Bath Scheme.

Their role is to:

  • identify and prioritise the number of staff to come through the Bath Scheme
  • signpost potential applicants to the Moodle area
  • send names of staff wanting to register to the Bath Scheme Administrator
  • encourage individuals to come to centrally organised HEA Briefings, writing days and regular writing support afternoons
  • identify a set number of assessors or advisers in their department, school or area and send to the Bath Scheme Administrator
  • link assessors and advisers with staff keen to develop and submit an application
  • notify the Bath Scheme administrator of individuals intending to submit to the next panel
  • confirm drafts have been reviewed by an adviser/assessor within proposed timeframes
  • consider a package of support and development offered to doctoral students and PDRAs in potentially working towards Associate Fellow
  • offer support and guidance to those seeking Senior Fellowship
  • continue to encourage the next group of applicants preparing for the next panel
  • check if the ‘Academic Qualification Status' record on iTrent of staff in their department or school is correct