Year 1

Foundations, connections, and sequences and functions

You'll improve your ability to read and write mathematics well and you'll be introduced to the beauty, ubiquity and the importance of university-level mathematics. You will also learn about the notions of convergence and limit.

Programming and data science

You'll learn Python-based programming for data scientists, including sustainable software engineering and the design and analysis of algorithms‚Äč.

Year 2

Introduction to data science

You'll learn data science techniques, including using computational tools for data visualisation and data wrangling, and tools for spatial and text data analysis.‚Äč You'll also gain awareness of the applications of these methods and apply them to large scale complex data analysis.

Machine learning

You'll be introduced to a range of machine learning techniques and algorithms. You'll learn how to write code to implement machine learning algorithms in Python and understand the mathematics underlying these techniques.

Final year

Machine learning 2

You'll gain further knowledge and understanding of machine learning, including deep neural networks and tree ensembles.

Applied data science

You'll gain experience in data science, from the planning and design of studies, through practical analysis to the reporting of results. You'll also learn to work on collaborative projects and grasp the practical aspects of the analysis of data.