Arrivals weekend is Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 of September and Welcome Week runs from Monday 23 September to Sunday 29 September 2019.

Find out where to go

Look at our campus map to get directions to your sessions.

Your timetable

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September

All first year undergraduates must attend a University Life talk. Find out about the University Life talk for your accommodation type.

Monday 23 September

Start Finish Location Description
10.15am 11.05am 3 East Foyer Collect your induction pack from the Department
11.15am 12.05pm 3 West North 2.1 Welcome to the Department
12.15pm 1.05pm 3 East Foyer Welcome Lunch
1.15pm 2.05pm Chancellors' Building 1.12 Alumni Session

Tuesday 24 September

Start Finish Location Description
11.15am 1.05pm 6 West 1.2 Peer Mentor Session & Campus Tour (Sociology)
11.15am 1.05pm 6 West 1.1 Peer Mentor Session & Campus Tour (All other programmes)
2.15pm 3.05pm Chancellors' Building 3.1 Attendance Confirmation Session (All students)
3.15pm 4.05pm The Parade Bar Social Event (All students)

Wednesday 25 September

Start Finish Location Description
10.15am 12.05pm 8 West 2.5 Programme Meeting - Sociology
10.15am 12.05pm 8 West 2.34 Programme Meeting - Social Sciences
10.15am 12.05pm 8 West 2.12 Programme Meeting - Social Policy, Sociology & Social Policy
10.15am 12.05pm 8 West 2.10 Programme Meeting - ID &Economics
10.15am 12.05pm 8 West 2.6 Programme Meeting - Criminology
1.15pm 3.05pm 5 West 2.3 Optional Units Talk (All students)

Thursday 26 September

Start Finish Location Description
9.15am 12.05pm East Building 0.9 Choosing your options - Social Sciences
9.15am 12.05pm East Building 0.7 Choosing your options - International Development with Economics
9.15am 12.05pm Chancellors' Building 4.17 Choosing your options - Sociology, Social Policy, Sociology & Social Policy, Criminology
1.15pm 2.05pm 3 West North 2.1 Personal Tutor Meetings (All students)

Friday 27 September

There are no department events scheduled for this day.

Make sure you check your emails regularly. Sometimes we need to change the times and locations of Welcome Week events but we’ll email you the new details if that happens.

As well as these compulsory events, you can also get involved in optional activities run by your Students’ Union, The SU.