They may not be the largest church in the city of Bath, but they belong to a great family. Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) is an interdenominational church with districts all around the world. They are a Bible believing and Bible teaching church with a focus on the doctrines that Christ preached. They include:

  • The GodHead (Trinity – Father, Son & the Holy Spirit) [Matthew 3:16]
  • Virgin Birth of Christ (Matthew 1:18-25)
  • Total Depravity (Romans 3:23)
  • Repentance (Acts 2:38)
  • Restitution (Luke 19:8,9)
  • Redemption (Gal 3:13,14)
  • Justification (Acts 13:38,39)
  • Sanctification (Luke 1:74,75; John 17:15-17)
  • Personal Evangelism (Matthew 28:19,20)
  • Marriage (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 5:31,32; Romans 7:2,3)
  • Rapture (John 14:1-3) More details on what they believe...

  • Has student members

  • Proximity to the City Centre (21 mins walk)

  • Near a Sunday bus route

Service details

Every Sunday from 2.00 – 3.30 pm

Minister(s) or Priest(s)

Pastor John O Komolafe

Bus routes

Bus 13 & 14 (Wellsway)

Other information

Everyone is welcome to experience the expository teaching of God’s word, and the joy that comes in his presence – Grace and peace be multiplied, Amen.