I would like to welcome you all to the Department of Biology and Biochemistry.

You will have worked hard to successfully secure your place to study with us, so I am sure you are looking forward to starting your university career. I hope that you continue to be successful in your studies with us.

Your first weeks at university can be a challenge but we are here to help you to transition to tertiary education. We aim to support you to embrace the personal and academic growth that being at university encourages.

To that end, we start you off, prior to the start of the semester, with a programme of Welcome events. In these we will give you more details about the Department and your degree course. This ends up being a large amount of information, so please attend all the events as otherwise you may miss out on opportunities or find that you do not have information you need later on.

During the first week of the semester, we run a series of lab sessions to introduce you to this important aspect of our subject. Also, you get to meet your Personal Tutor, who will be a point of support for you during your studies. This then leads you into the full timetable of course activities in subsequent weeks.

We look forward to meeting you at the start of the academic year. Please arrive refreshed and ready to throw yourself into all that the University has to offer; it is your degree so make the most of it.

Dr Chris Todd

Director of Teaching