Arrivals take place from Thursday 17 to Tuesday 22 of September and Welcome events run from Wednesday 23 September to Sunday 27 September 2020.

Find out where to go

Look at our campus map to get directions to your sessions.

Help with Technology

If you have any problems with IT hardware and software, contact our IT helpdesk. You can also purchase equipment from them.

Your timetable

Wednesday 23 September

Start Finish Location Description
11.00am 12.30pm Zoom Meeting Department Welcome
2.00pm 3.30pm Zoom Meeting* Meet your Tutors

*Zoom meeting link to be provided directly by tutors

Thursday 24 September

Start Finish Location Description
10.00am 2.30pm Chancellors' Building 3.5 and 3.9 Introduction to Labs, Lectures and Tutorials
11.00am 3.00pm 3 South Labs Tutor Group Tour and PPE Collection

The 10 am session is a one hour session. You will be informed of your room and start time in due course.

Friday 25 September

Start Finish Location Description
1.00pm 4.00pm Zoom Meeting Meet your Peer Mentor with Online Quizzes

Zoom link available on Teams and Moodle

Please check this page regularly as sometimes we need to change the times and locations of Welcome events. During Welcome, we would recommend you check your timetable at the start of each day.

As well as these compulsory events, you can also get involved in optional activities run by The SU.

Link to other students on your course

We have set up a Microsoft Team for your course. You can use this to ask questions and start to get to know the people on your course.


Moodle is our Virtual Learning Environment. During Welcome events you may need to access learning materials which will be in your Moodle Induction Module. You will be able to access Moodle once you have completed registration in September.